WANTED! Two Firms Ramp Up Their Interest In Landing Goldman Sachs Advisors (**and open up their checkbooks to prove it)

Traditional wealth management firms have historically found it difficult to accurately price Goldman Sachs advisors and teams. Most notably, there’s been a ‘play it safe’ strategy that focuses on annual W-2 comp versus gross client revenues generated by the advisor.

One firm has figured out that Goldman advisors have an excellent history transferring assets, as they have remarkable client relationships. So putting together a deal based on just W-2 comp doesn’t make sense. Annualized revenue (or how they would value a Merrill team) is the right way to do it.

UBS has been quite effective at grabbing the attention of Goldman teams across the country as of late, and it looks like they’ve taken a key step in making an even bigger splash: deferred compensation.

As we hear it, Goldman plays games with advisors deferred compensation when they leave. UBS has decided to make that a non-issue and is including deferred comp balances for Goldman advisors in every deal they do. Done and done. No more golden handcuffs.

**This is on top of the 200-250% recruiting deal and the 260% retirement deal UBS offers. So if you’re a Goldman team reading this, you read it right – that’s better than 5x on your current annualized gross revenue.**

Oh, and about the second firm we mentioned? They aren’t totally ready to announce their full intentions with Goldman teams, but when they do, we expect them to make waves across the country. (Name rhymes with Rockefeller).