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The coronavirus has found its way to the world of wealth management. In a tip that we just received, an internal memo was shared via email at Wells Fargo in San Francisco confirming an advisor diagnosed with COVID-19 on the 23rd floor of 555 California Street, San Francisco CA.

Our source had this to say, “I saw the memo and the case is definitely confirmed. The individual that has been diagnosed was first suspected to have the virus during the middle of last week. The confirmation of that diagnosis was made late yesterday, and Wells Fargo sent out a memo via email alerting all employees at 555 branch. Shit is serious.”

We have tracked down the name of the advisor that has been diagnosed, but for obvious medical privacy reasons we can’t release it. Point being, we’ve double and triple confirmed the diagnosis, location, and other important details of this story.

As expected all employees of the Wells Fargo 555 California Street branch have been given the option to work from home – and decisions are still being made regarding potential quarantine measures.

Wells Fargo isn’t the only high profile financial firm at 555 California Street: Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and Merrill Lynch all have wealth management branches and staff in the same building.

Expect those firms to circulate memos and adjust policy based on this confirmed case. Developing…

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