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The coronavirus is not a ‘respecter of persons’ and will take whoever it can. It isn’t affecting only some portions of the global population. It is everywhere.

Another reminder of that was brought to Wall Street yesterday when it was revealed that James Gorman, CEO of one of the worlds largest investment banks, Morgan Stanley, had contracted and recovered from COVID-19.

Per media reports:

“The CEO of the country’s sixth-biggest bank told employees he was doing well in a video posted to the company’s internal site.”

“A spokesman for the bank confirmed the contents of the video and said Mr. Gorman’s doctor cleared him last week.“

“Mr. Gorman began experiencing flulike symptoms in mid-March and later tested positive for Covid-19, the respiratory disease caused by the coronavirus. He has been self-isolating at his downtown Manhattan home, where he had dialed into board calls and daily meetings of his operating committee, a spokesman said.”

“The fit, otherwise healthy 61-year-old is the most senior Wall Street executive known to have been infected with Covid-19. The chief financial officer of investment bank Jefferies died from it last month.”

This comes after confirmed reports of the coronavirus affecting Morgan Stanley employees in San Francisco and the evacuation of offices there shortly thereafter; as well as similar reports from UBS and Wells Fargo.

You can safely assume that nearly every global financial institution has seen a case or two of the virus in their offices and amongst their ranks. As stated above, COVID-19 is not a respecter of persons.

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