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Rockefeller struck a little Texas gold this afternoon when they welcomed a flagship Merrill Lynch team in Dallas, Texas. The PDS Group in Dallas decided to take their talents to Rockefeller and establish a base for growing their current annual revenue from $6M to better than $10M.

The group is headlined by Darrel Preston, Gerald Dahlander, and Drew Swedlund. Together they’ve been at Merrill Lynch since 2008 and doubled their book in that time. The narrative for the move to Rockefeller is much the same.

Given the size of the practice a little math tells us that the PDS group boiled a minimum trade of $18M and potentially better than $21M in the Rockefeller recruiting deal. Rockefeller is known for ‘leveling up’ wirehouse deferred compensation balances; often increasing total deal size on the way.

Over the weekend the PDS group will be racing to transfer accounts and client balances, in the hopes of earning as much of that ‘promised’ recruiting deal as they can.


Just another reminder that Merrill Lynch continues to hemmorage big teams and not replacing them. No idea what Andy Seig and the boys are doing over there.

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