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Rockefeller remains a darling firm for larger producers. The elite advisor numbers and tire tread marks that have migrated to the firm in the past year isn’t slowing down, and if anything, is picking up momentum. Geographically, the firm is set to win big in a couple of states that matter to growing wealth management firms: Texas and California.

Speaking to ‘in the know’ wealth management recruiters who have relationships with the firm, they expect announcements to come fast and furious throughout all of June – big wins for Rockefeller.

“Things are extremely active right now and Rockefeller is really on their game. I’ve heard that they have three announcements in the can and each team is north of $5M. Big numbers in both Texas and California. They’ve recruited hard throughout the pandemic and are going to have a lot to show for it.” – said a recruiter for Rockefeller on the condition of anonymity.

“Expect announcements in Cali and Texas in June. They may come all in one week or spread out, but the deals are done, paperwork is done… just a matter of resignation letters at this point.” – said a separate recruiter on the condition of anonymity.

There continues to be a strong drumbeat for three issues that make Rockefeller intriguing. The name itself, Greg Fleming’s leadership, and the tech platform they they seem to have nearly perfected. Every single contact we have with anyone engaged with Rockefeller mentions those three points. Everyone.

With announcements pending and another couple billion of client assets set to be added to the firms coffers – the bullet points are hitting their target.

Stay tuned.

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