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Rockefeller is a revered name in finance, in America, and on Wall Street. It always has been and always will be. The name itself (and the team that Greg Fleming built) has told a story that has resonated with advisors looking to leave wirehouses yet be able to ‘flex’ with clients when asking them to transfer to greener pastures.

It has worked for the last few years. But that story and narrative is well worn now and is a ‘good to have not a force multiplier. Teams are digging deep into the Rockefeller story and as the recruiting game is as competitive as it has ever been – money talks and bullshit walks.

And Rockefeller has decided to buck the current trend of asset-based deals that became all the rage in the short-lived fiduciary duty government mandate conversation. As the industry tried to keep up with the rhythms of politics, many firms pivoted from revenue-based deals (or a hybrid) and focused on asset transfer as the foundation of percentage-based back-end deals.

Rockefeller has gone the other direction. Teams are seriously rewarded for revenues and revenue growth in the years after they’ve joined the firm. In other words, they can ‘gross their way’ to higher bonuses as the years’ progress.

In a market that has held up and seems to hit new highs on a monthly basis the opportunity with an institutional name that resonates with every client has kept Rockefeller in every competitive recruitment. And winning their share along the way. Check the records, they keep adding Merrill teams by the buckets full.

If you are looking for a deal that rewards your ability to land clients and generate record-breaking revenues (as markets and client balances at ATH), then Rockefeller is an ideal partner.

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